Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity in Music

Music Victoria takes diversity within the music industry, in all its forms, very seriously.

Music Victoria is well placed to promote women in music. It represents all contemporary music and believes diversity and equality is good for artists, music businesses and punters and increases the industry’s capacity to generate economic, social and cultural outcomes for the state.

In April 2015 we conducted the survey ‘Women in the Victorian Contemporary Music Industry’ with 300 respondents. Key themes that were identified as barriers for women working the contemporary Victorian music industry were pay inequality, access to opportunities, the confidence gap, the general undervaluing of music and sexual harassment.

Read the report here.

Many of the issues discussed reflect wider systemic issues in not just the music industry, but the economy and society more generally, and have no ‘quick fix’. However, there are concrete actions that Music Victoria has committed to in order to demonstrate leadership and promote gender equality in the music industry.

Music Victoria’s Gender Diversity Policy

Music Victoria is committed to supporting, promoting and celebrating gender diversity in music. As part of this commitment Music Victoria will ensure participation of at least 40% women across its activities, where practicable. This policy exists under Music Victoria’s overarching Diversity Mission and at times flexibility is required in order to meet other diversity goals (e.g. representation of First Peoples or People of Colour). Music Victoria will publish annual results to track progress against its gender diversity target.

Music Victoria’s Women’s Advisory Panel

The Women’s Music Industry Advisory Panel has been established by Music Victoria to consider issues of women in Victoria’s contemporary music industry and community.

Previously featuring:

Sarah Blaby – PBS, Music Victoria Board
Patrick Donovan – Music Victoria
Megg Evans – Venue Booker Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club
Catherine Haridy – Artist Manager, Chair of the Association of Artist Managers
Janelle Johnstone – Booker, Musician
Caroline Kennedy – Musician, Academic Melbourne Polytechnic
Matthew Kennedy – Tennis Victoria, Music Victoria Board
Mel Krause – The Push
Moira McKenzie – GI & Sanicki Lawyers
Michelle Nicol – Digital Marketing Strategist, Music Victoria Board
Cassandra Pace – Music Victoria Board
Kirsty Rivers – Manager of contemporary music at Creative Victoria
Megan Sheehy – Musician, Curator
Anthea Jewels Sidiropoulos – Musician
Catherine Strong – Musician, Academic at RMIT
Sarah Thompson – Fundraising consultant – T Group Services
Chloe Turner – LISTEN, Music Victoria
Jen Tutty – Studio Legal
Kate Welsman – Radio presenter RRR
Chelsea Wilson – Jazz Musician, radio presenter PBS

Sexual Harassment and Assault in Licensed Venues Policy Taskforce

Music Victoria has a representative on the Sexual Harassment and Assault in Licensed Venues Policy Taskforce established by Minister for Justice and Brunswick MP, Jane Garrett.

In February 2020, Music Victoria issued an updated version of the Best Practice Guidelines for Live Music Venues, which now includes a chapter for venues on how to deal with sexual harassment.

Access the guidelines here.

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