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If you have any questions, queries or requests for further information relating to anything regarding the affect COVID-19 has had on the Victorian music industry, please send through an email to

Live Music Update - 22 November

Live Music Update – November 22 (Click here for a comprehensive list of current restrictions for the entertainment and culture sector):

Live Music Venues (eg. pubs/clubs)

Performers are recommended to remain two metres apart, and five metres away from the audience. This is a recommendation, not a requirement.

INDOORS (seated):

  • Venues under 200m2 can have 1 per 2sqm (max 50 people)
  • Venues over 200m2 can have 1 per 4sqm (max 150 people)
  • Performers must wear facemasks while performing indoors unless singing or playing a brass/woodwind instrument.

OUTDOORS (seated):

  • Venues can have 1 per 2sqm (max 300 people)

*total of indoor and outdoor cannot exceed 300

Indoor seated venues (e.g.Theatres)

  • can have up to 150 people

Outdoor Entertainment Venues (eg. arenas/stadium)

  • can operate at 50% capacity (max 500 people)

Rehearsal/Recording Studios

  • Studios under 80m2 can have 1 per 2sqm (max 20 people)
  • Studios over 80m2 can have 1 per 2sqm (max 150 people)

Festivals & Large Scale Events

**Required density quotients must be calculated based on the publicly available space

Full Summary of Last Step restrictions from 11.59pm 22 November 2020 (PDF)

Live Music Update – Nobember 8:

  • Live seated outdoor shows can take place in hospitality venues such as pubs, bars and restaurants in metro Melbourne (50) and regional Victoria (70). Band members must be included in the venue cap.
  • Venues don’t have to serve food with the live music
  • If you have an existing liquor license and are planning on hosting outdoor events, you need to apply through your council first, and then apply for a Temporary Limited Licence through the VCGLR
  • Musicians need to stand 2 metres apart on stage
  • Performers need to be 5 metres from the audience
  • Band members (except singers and woodwind and brass instrumentalists) must wear a face mask while they perform
  • Nightclubs can open for seated service of food or beverages only
  • You can live-stream from a venue but only essential people can be on site – ie band members, filming crew and a venue representative with the keys to the building
  • You can rehearse and record at studios, but must adhere to 1 per 4 square metre distancing requirements (so smaller bands in the smaller rooms) – ensure you have a COVIDSafe plan
  • Set building can take place, but you need to comply with construction guidelines
  • You can attend an outdoor music lesson, class or practice with up to ten people

Keep an eye out on Music Victoria and Creative Victoria websites for further updates as they come to hand.
Additional official guidance can be found here and here.

If you own or manage an entertainment, arts or tourism business, you can find advice and more information on current restrictions by visiting Arts and recreation services sector guidance. There are a number of restrictions that apply to these businesses including limits on the number of customers, cleaning, signage and record keeping.

If you are planning on hosting outdoor events, it would be worth checking with your council first that there are no local laws you need to comply with. If you have an existing indoor liquor license you will need to obtain a letter from your council to apply for a Temporary Limited Licence from the VCGLR.

Further information is on the VCGLR’s covid-19 page.

Music Victoria Covid-19 Recovery Advisory Group

Covid Recovery Advisory Group Members:

  1. Sally Mather – Programming & Commercial Manager, Forum Melbourne
  2. Steve Cross – Co-Founder & Director, Remote Control Record
  3. Christian Serrao – Director, Untitled Group
  4. Xani Kolac – Musical Director, SPIRE Ensemble
  5. Paige X. Cho – Senior Music Strategist, Bolster.
  6. Amy Laidlaw – Manager & Booking Agent, i hear Django
  7. Chelsea Gough – Head of Finance & Administration, Native Tongue Music Publishing
  8. Jeremy Furze – Artist Manager, Applejack Music
  9. Andrew Watt – Music Industry Lawyer, Ravens Nest Consulting
  10. Jeremiah Siemianow – Co-Founder & CEO, Muso
  11. Simon Mills – Managing Director, Pearl Entertainment Group
  12. Cat Hope – Artistic Director, Decibel Music Ensemble
  13. Samuel Nolan – Director, Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc
  14. Elise Peyronnet – Manager, Melbourne Music Week
  15. Eyal Chipkiewicz – Managing Director, The Boite
  16. Tim Curnick – Producer/Musician

Terms of Reference:

  • The group will initially meet fortnightly, then monthly, over zoom, and in person at theMusic Victoria’s offices at Collingwood Yards
  • The term will be for 12 months
  • Members will also be asked to correspond over email in between meetings
  • Sub groups may be formed to focus on individual projects
  • Panel recommendations can be considered by Music Victoria, as well as other relevant peakbodies. Recommendations may be made to relevant governments through proposals andgrant applications
  • Expectations will be set among members that not all recommendations can be delivered by music Victoria, and they will need to align with MV and VMDO business plans and resourcing
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