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Beyond supporting your industry we offer access to a range of amazing benefits, including…


• We represent our members’ interests as a united front to government, industry and stakeholders.

• We lobby for changes to policy, laws and procedures – we mitigate and agitate for our members.

• We show leadership on issues that are important to the music community and industry.

• We participate in research, stage conferences, sit on boards and use our voice to strengthen the industry.

• Eligible to be our Member of the Month in e-news


• We provide education and training via a suite of music industry-specific programs and workshops.

• We provide resources, contacts, advice and opportunity for our members to grow stronger.

• We act as a conduit to a raft of grants and funding available to members.

• Voting rights at the Music Victoria Annual General Meeting


• We promote Victorian music at home and around the world.

• We publicise and share our members’ music with the wider community.

• We connect our members with the industry through our music awards, events, networking opportunities and trade shows.

• Monthly member newsletters


Music Victoria offers a wide range of discounts from over 60 partners – a must for everyone within the industry.

Member Stories


“When 20,000 music lovers marched at the SLAM Rally in 2010 we didn’t just march to save The Tote, we marched with a long list of demands and at the top of that list we called upon the government to put up seed funding for a peak body for live music.

Music Victoria exists because you marched for an ongoing voice to represent musicians, venues and the music loving people of Victoria in what is arguably the greatest live music city in the world, let’s get behind it and keep music strong in this great state.”

Save Live Australia’s Music.

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