People in the live music and entertainment industries are being severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of jobs have been lost in recent days as a result of the cancellation of concerts, festivals, tours and shows. While clearly necessary to protect the health of the nation, these cancellations are having a devastating effect on the huge array of music industry workers including artists, crew, management, promoters, vendors, publicists and everyone else who rely on live events for their income. The vast majority of these workers do not have the luxury of sick leave or annual leave – most live from gig to gig, tour to tour, or show to show.

Support Act is Australia’s only dedicated music industry charity and is committed to do what it can to provide crisis relief and wellbeing support to artists, crew and music workers affected by the shutdown of the live music industry and has set up a COVID19 Emergency Appeal to accept donations from all sections of the Australian community.

Please consider helping Support Act support our music workers get through this difficult period and be in a position to bounce back stronger than ever once the pandemic has passed, by donating part of your refund to help the men and women who make our dreams come true.