This ‘COVIDSafe’ Compliance Registry is an initiative of the Victorian music venues driven by Save Our Scene and Music Victoria.

Density quotas for non-seated venues in Victoria currently remain fixed at a 1 person per 2 square metres. For the majority of live music venues this equates to trading at about 30% of venues regular capacity.

We are led to believe that one of the main barriers to relaxed density quotas is the very low compliance across Victoria for QR code check-ins. If there is an outbreak, contact tracing has to be fast and effective and QR check-ins are therefore essential for all public gatherings.

Music venues have the unique ability to enforce extremely high QR code compliance.

It’s very simple: NO QR CODE, NO ENTRY. If you don’t check in, you don’t get in.

We know that most music venues are already enforcing this policy. We need the Victorian Government to know too. We’re going to show them that we’re not the same as other industries. We’re better.

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