Rearrange the furniture, fluff the cushions and roll out the red carpet; PBS is ready to Make It Home this Radio Festival.  A non-profit community organisation, PBS has been committed to championing and broadcasting under-represented music for over 40 years. As a completely independent community radio station, PBS relies on listener support to keep the tunes glowing, the conversation growing and the airwaves flowing each and every year. Radio Festival runs from Monday May 17 – Sunday May 30.

Supporters can join up to the station during Radio Festival and become a PBS member and assist PBS to help finish their new home and station in Collingwood Yards. Moving a station is no small feat and there are a multitude of elements that must come together to get the job done. Add COVID into the mix, and like many in the music industry, PBS is having to work extra hard to make up for lost ground.

For more information on the exclusive prizes up for grabs during Radio Festival, click here.

Help PBS Make It Home during Radio Festival, and enjoy the best emerging, independent, specialist and under-represented music on offer all year round.