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Member Stories


“As a musician and citizen, I am so grateful to Music Victoria for looking out for our music community. Breakthroughs in things like the live music laws and baggage allowances are amazing achievements and essentially helps to maintain a wonderfully supportive and nurturing environment for the arts in Australia.”

– Adalita


“Music Victoria is such an integral part of our music community, I am so grateful for all of the work that they do. They don’t focus their support on one genre, age group, gender, or demographic; they are for all of us. Music VIC work extremely hard to ensure that we are a progressive community – they are moving us forward, while always having our backs. It is so important that we support the people who are supporting us.”

– Al Parkinson



“As a musician in Victoria, I am proud to have my voice represented by Music Victoria. Music Victoria genuinely understands the need to protect live music infrastructure and funding in order to strengthen Victoria’s creative community and spirit. Furthermore, benefits provided to me as a member of Music Victoria allow me to pursue my own career with greater ease and heightened support, for which I am extremely grateful.”

Alex Lahey


“Music Victoria are the voice, try and understand it. They look after everyone across the board, and when you’re looking for a discount, info session, actual career advice or just a bit of support, they’ll have your back. We are lucky to be in Victoria and have opportunities like this under our noses.”

– Angie McMahon (Band Member)


“I love Music Victoria because they support, celebrate and represent what the Music Scene stands for in Victoria. That is, diversity in both genre and gender. Music Victoria understands that music has no borders or boundaries.”

– Benny Walker


“I support the industry that supports me. Victoria is bigger than Melbourne. Shepparton Roolz”

– Briggs


“My fellow musicians, let us utilise our collective differences, across all genres and all ages and band together to fight the good fight! Music Victoria provides a voice that can speak for us all and be heard across the entire state. Get on board!”

– Charles Jenkins


“We love music, we believe in music, and we’re here to advocate for the place of music in Victoria. Your membership allows Music Victoria to get out there and fight the good fight. Sound good? Then c’mon – Jump on the bandwagon! For around the cost of a slab, please generously support Music Victoria, so we can support you.”

– Clare Bowditch


“Music Victoria is the voice for bands and musicians! We have saved a tonne of cash for my band for not having to pay excess baggage fees, discounted advertising rates, insurance amongst a tonne of other stuff and are always approachable if there is something you are unsure about or need guidance with. They’ve been a strong voice for women in the industry, if you got a problem, yo, they’ll help solve it. MV are on the streets, in our venues and moshing at our festivals. Never has there been an organisation that have made so many positive changes in our industry. You want it? SUPPORT IT”

– Dallas Frasca / Music Victoria Member for 4 years.


“As a new member I’m looking forward to checking out all the amazing perks! It’s ‘Broke Days, Party nights’ over here so any opportunity to save cash for any muso is a total win. It’s so rad to see Music Victoria supporting artists and live music on so many levels so we can keep the arts community alive and thriving. Thanks for all that you do, MV!” 

– Ecca Vandal


“Music Victoria are great champions of our music community, they foster the new and recognise our seasoned legends.”

– Ella Thompson / GL / Dorsal Fins


“Music Victoria was formed to actively encourage and support this tradition of live music. Since their formation only three years ago the organisation has already made major inroads as the voice of Melbourne’s music scene. I am proud to be able to lend my support to the good work they do.”

– Kylie Minogue


“As new band organisations such as Music Victoria work to ensure that we have a future, it is vital for us to continue growing as artists. We urge all other young bands to show their support by becoming members.”

– Stonefield


“Attempting to play music as a profession can be a surprisingly isolating experience. You can spend a whole heap of time on the computer just trying to get things happening, doing the books, booking stuff. You ring people, you work in the studio, in the back room – and you often wonder if you are heading in the right direction. An organisation like Music Victoria can provide a really welcome sounding board and a sense of solidarity and community. It provides a sense that your quest is not a lone one and that someone else is on your side.”

– Mick Thomas