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2021 Music Victoria Board Nominees

In the new strategic plan, Music Victoria is trying to tackle some big issues, and as such, the organisation has identified the urgent need to have the voices of historically marginalised and underrepresented groups on our Board including People of Colour, Deaf/disabled people, and Trans and Gender Diverse people. We are delighted to see such a diverse range of nominees in 2021.

Click on the photos to get to know the members who have put their names forward for Board election.

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We also called for skills and/or experience as a practising musician, within education settings, in fundraising/corporate sponsorship, at a record label, at a digital service provider (DSP) and with social media/public relations/marketing skills.

If you are a member of Music Victoria, RSVP for the virtual Annual General Meeting through the member homepage. The AGM is taking place on Zoom at 6pm on Wednesday, December 15th. Members are invited to cast their votes for new Music Victoria board members. If you can’t make it, your vote can still count by nominating a proxy via the form in the member portal.

If you're not already a member and wish to attend the AGM, sign up here before 6pm on Monday, December 13th.