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Contemporary Music Victoria Inc. (Music Victoria) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation and the state peak body for contemporary music. We represent musicians, venues, music businesses and professionals, and music lovers across the contemporary Victorian music community. Music Victoria provides advocacy on behalf of the music sector, actively supports the development of the Victorian music community, and celebrates and promotes Victorian music.


For musicians

  • Access to broader networks and connection to music industry opportunities locally and internationally. 
  • Support to transform their capability to take advantage of such opportunities.
  • Access to expert advice and support for improved health and economic outcomes. 
  • Advocacy for recognition that music is one of the state’s most valuable assets. 
  • Access to discounts for important services such as travel and equipment. 

For audiences

  • A diverse and accessible contemporary music scene that provides compelling entertainment all year round.
  • Opportunity to live in a city and state with a national and international reputation for being the music capital of Australia. 

For service and infrastructure providers

  • Connections and advice for attracting quality content.
  • Advocacy regarding government policy and legislation that impacts the service and infrastructure aspects of the music industry. 

For government

  • Independent representative and expert advice on the music industry to guide development of relevant and high-impact policy and legislation.
  • Expert advice on developing a thriving creative economy.
  • Awareness of sector opportunities and issues and support for effective and timely response.
  • A trusted and reliable project partner.

 For non-practitioner members

  • Opportunity to support the growth of a vibrant Victorian music industry and creative economy.

 For partners and sponsors

  • Opportunity to provide targeted products and services to musicians, music business and audiences that increase reputation and sales. Download our 2021 Advertising Kit.

 For media

  • Access to diverse and compelling stories that have high appeal for audiences.

Cultural Equity Mission
It’s not hyperbole to say that music is a force, a common language that unites humanity.

It’s important that everyone is part of this exchange of energy and ideas no matter what walk of life we come from. The Victorian music community comes from a variety of backgrounds and we wish to represent and support this community in an equitable way. This means taking affirmative action to ensure diverse representation and to provide opportunities to those who are disadvantaged or underrepresented. Diversity is also a feature of a group, not of an individual. Diversity is not something that arises from tokenism or individual inclusion but is an emergent outcome of different kinds of people working together with mutual respect.

When recruiting staff members, board members, delivering projects or putting on events we will aim to have a diverse group of people represented both on and off stage. This means taking an active role in supporting: Women, First Peoples, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Deaf and Disabled people and people from the LGBTQIA+ community. We acknowledge this journey will be challenging and that mistakes will sometimes be made but we will strive to embody values of inclusivity, generosity and empathy.

*what do we mean by cultural equity?

Safety and Respect
Music Victoria is seeking to establish new benchmarks in relation to safety and respect. We understand that our industry, and more directly our own work and projects are places where inequities can result in a lack of safety for our colleagues and participants. We will endeavour to do our utmost to attend to the safety of all involved by continually educating ourselves on this issue, making safety and respect our priority, rigorously examining our own protocols and behaviours, listening without defensiveness, and acting on observations and concerns. 

Gender Quotas
Music Victoria is committed to supporting, promoting and celebrating gender diversity in music. As part of this commitment Music Victoria will ensure participation of at least 40% women across its activities, where practicable. This policy exists under Music Victoria’s overarching Cultural Equity Mission and at times flexibility is required in order to meet other diversity goals (eg. representation of First Peoples or People of Colour). 

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