Board, Governance and Elections

Understanding Our Obligations

What is the role of the Music Victoria Board?

The Music Victoria Board has an important role to play. The Board is a collection of people that form the ‘leadership group’ of our organisation. They are responsible for the governance of the organisation, and by ‘governance’ we mean the direction, control and accountability of the organisation. Governance is different and distinguished from ‘management’ in an organisation. Management is responsible for the day-to-day running of Music Victoria.

The extent and scope of the Board’s authority is set out in our Rules of Association here.

Generally, the board oversees the affairs of the organisation on behalf of our members, including:

  • making decisions about planning, resources, strategic direction, goals and activities of the organisation;
  • monitoring the performance and activities of the organisation against its legal purposes and strategic plan;
  • overseeing risk management for the organisation;
  • recruiting, overseeing and supporting the Chief Executive Officer to manage the organisation;
  • ensuring the sustainability of the organisation by monitoring its financial viability and finances;
  • making decisions about whether to take disciplinary action against a member;
  • reporting to members and stakeholders, and
  • ensuring the organisation operates within the law, including maintaining our charitable status.
What is the role of Board Members?

Board members have defined roles and responsibilities that they must perform.

Our board members are responsible for contributing to the collective decision making of the board (and are unable to make decisions for the organisation alone.)

Each of our board members are responsible for:

  • understanding the business of the organisation and being aware of key developments;
  • attending and participating in board meetings (about every 6 weeks);
  • being active in the organisation, such as by attending functions or events as a representative of an organisation;
  • attending the Annual General Meeting (in November or December each year);
  • providing advice, opinions and independent judgment to inform board decisions;
  • declaring and monitoring actual or perceived conflicts of interest, and
  • governing and overseeing an organisation’s operations and performance.
What type of Board positions are there?

The Music Victoria Board has specific positions that required the people who hold them to perform certain tasks. These positions include:

  • Chair, Chairperson or President – runs meetings and usually represents the organisation at public events;
  • Deputy chair, Vice-chair or Vice-president – takes on the role of the Chair when that person is unavailable;
  • Treasurer or Financial officer – deals with the financial affairs of the organisation, and
  • Secretary – reports to the relevant regulators, organises meetings, deals with documents and maintains records.

The people who take on these positions are sometimes called ‘officers’, ‘office bearers’ or ‘office holders’ of the organisation.

Other Board Members are known as General Board Members or Directors.

How is the Board make up decided?

To properly oversee the affairs of any organisation, a board should consist of diverse members that possess a mix of different skill sets, knowledge and lived experience.

Music Victoria uses a matrix to help us identify the skills, knowledge, lived experience, capabilities and diversity needed for our board to meet the current and future needs of the organisation, and in turn the music industry in the State of Victoria.

The make up of our Board is also dictated by our Board’s structure.

We can have a maximum of 10 Board Members. Of these 6 are Elected by Music Victoria members, and 4 are Appointed by Board Members (generally to address gaps as identified in the matrix).

Board Members are Elected or Appointed for a 3 year term, except the 4th and final Appointed position which only has a term of 1 year. Following the completion of a Board Members term, they maybe re-appointed or re-elected, to a maximum of three, three year terms, totalling 9 years at most.

What are Subcommittees?

Our subcommittees are established by the Board of Music Victoria to provide specialised advice and recommendations to the Board, CEO and General Manager. The number and type of each changes year to year however our current subcommittees meet about 3 times a year, involve between 2-4 Board members each, and cover:

  • Marketing and Membership
  • Awards
  • Governance and Risk
  • Finance (who meet more regularly, ahead of each Board meeting).

As the size and scope of the work that Music Victoria undertakes has grown, we have sought to share the workload among Board members and streamline board functions through sub-committees.

Who is representing the music community on the Board?

The Music Victoria Board features representatives from leading national and Victorian support bodies as well as artists, lawyers, planning and policy specialists, and management. For more information on the current members of the board, see the bottom of the page here.

Are Board members paid?

At this point in time Board members are NOT paid for their time.

However, we are currently reviewing our Rules as we acknowledge that the ability to contribute for free, is closely linked with a certain level of privilege, and presents a very real barrier to participation, and our organisations’ pursuit towards having a more representative Board.

Board members ARE reimbursed for their direct expenses incurred in their participation in Board meetings – eg. parking, other travel, childcare.

When Board meetings are held in person Music Victoria provides a yummy dinner 🙂

Music Victoria also supports the ongoing development of our Board and will consider requests to cover these costs on a case by case basis.

Can I be a Board Member?

Yes, any Music Victoria Member can become a Board Member.

You can become a Board Member in two different ways:

  • You can be Elected or
  • You can be Appointed.

When positions on the Board positions become vacant:

  1. Music Victoria will call for nominations.

Make sure you are signed up as a member and are checking your emails as this is how we will communicate the call for nominations. You can nominate yourself, or be nominated by a Music Victoria member. If nominated by someone else, we will check that you accept this nomination. Nomination involves responding to any details provided in the call, eg. providing details on your suitability for the Board role, experience, track record and potential. (Think of it as applying for an unpaid job – we would love a cover letter and a resume/cv).

2. Music Victoria Members will vote for their preferred candidate for the Elected position/s.

This takes place at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in November or December each year. The person with the most votes get the gig.

3. The Board will decide on who to select to fill the empty “Appointed” Board role/s.

After the “Elected” vote is completed and the new Elected Board members have been chosen, they join with the rest of the Board to decide on who will fill the “Appointed” board vacancies.

At the December 2021 Annual General Meeting there will be four Board vacancies.

Two of these are elected positions (voted on by Music Victoria members), and two are appointed positions (chosen by the new Board).

Who can be nominated?

Any Music Victoria Member (join here) can be nominated to be considered for a Board position.

You can nominate yourself, or nominate another member. If you are nominated by someone else we will check to see that you accept the nomination before the voting and appointment/s takes place.

Nominations are called for about 1 month ahead of the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in November or December each year. This is done via an email to members.

Nominations require a cover letter and a CV/Resume, which details your suitability for the position, skills, lived experience, track record and potential.

Who can vote?

All members of Music Victoria are able to vote. Each individual person can only vote once.

  • Partner and Premium Members have a maximum of 10 votes (which must each be placed by different people).
  • Business Members have a maximum of 5 votes (which must each be placed by different people).
  • Basic and Essential Members have 1 vote.

If you are unable to vote in person at the Annual General Meeting, you are able to cast your vote in advance or appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. Further details on how to do thise are included in the official notice for the AGM.

To become a member of Music Victoria, go here. To see the full list of membership benefits, go here.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to know more about Boards, Charities, Not for Profits and our obligations the following links are useful:

From time to time free professional development opportunities and scholarships come to our attention, which we highlight in our monthly e-news.

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