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Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy is a powerful tool for driving positive change and leveraging our democratic institutions effectively. However, knowing where to start, what's achievable, and what methods are most effective can be challenging. Music Victoria's Advocacy Toolkit provides a comprehensive starting point, designed to empower musicians and music industry professionals with the necessary tools to become effective advocates, both for themselves and the entire music sector.

Who to contact?

An overview and guide on figuring out how each level of government works, what they are responsible for, and who to contact when. 
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How to contact?

A brief and practical overview of which politician you should consider contacting, and how to find them.
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Which contact method?

Suggestions on what works best; meetings, phone calls, letters or emails? 
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What to say?

Tips on what to include in your correspondence, and how to make your message more effective.
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Local Government

An overview and behind the scenes look at how Local Government works and how to best engage with your local council.
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Past Campaigns

Music Victoria generally only runs or collaborates on public facing campaigns in the lead up to elections or in times of desperate need. Read about some of our past campaigns.
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