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Code of Conduct

Music Victoria is committed to providing a safe, respectful, inclusive, and flexible workplace environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying. We do not tolerate or condone any form of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or bullying. This Code of Conduct outlines expected standards of behaviour by all at Music Victoria. A breach of this Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action, including the termination of your engagement with us. If Music Victoria considers the breach to be of a criminal nature, Music Victoria may report the matter to the police.


All workers must comply with this Code of Conduct. Workers include but are not limited to:

  • Board members;
  • Leadership and management personnel (e.g. CEOs, general managers, heads of departments),
  • Production and venue personnel (e.g. musicians, performers, panellists, stage management, technical crew, front of house staff);
  • Full-time, part-time, seasonal and casual employees;
  • Job candidates, including people interviewing for roles;
  • Student placements, apprentices, work experience students/interns;
  • Contractors, sub-contractors and secondees (e.g. publicists, panellists, and freelancers who have been contracted or sub-contracted for a specific purpose); and
  • Volunteers and anyone working in an unpaid capacity.

This Code of Conduct applies to all workers while:

  • at work – such as in the office, when working from home, while travelling for work
  • at work-related functions
  • outside of work where there is a connection to the workplace – such as on social media.

Standards of Behaviour

Music Victoria’s workers are responsible for promoting a safe, respectful, inclusive, and flexible workplace environment by:

  • Treating all workers, members and customers with dignity, courtesy and respect;
  • Respecting cultural, ethnic, religious, gender and sexual orientation differences;
  • Behaving honestly and with integrity – which includes disclosing and taking reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest (real or apparent) in connection with Music Victoria engagement;
  • Acting with care and diligence – which includes using the organisation’s resources, materials and equipment in a proper manner;
  • Behaving in a professional, fair and courteous manner at all times – which includes following any reasonable directions given by management, or those with authority to give direction;
  • Promptly reporting any breaches of this Code of Conduct, whether it is against you or another person, to your manager;
  • Maintaining confidentiality – which is particularly essential when complaints are made and/or under investigation; and
  • Abiding by all applicable laws and regulations.

Unacceptable Behaviours

Music Victoria workers must not:

  • Abuse or threaten to abuse (verbally, physically or in writing) another person;
  • Physically or sexually assault another person;
  • Discriminate against or treat someone less favourably because of their race, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or other personal characteristics;
  • Intimidate, threaten or harass another person;
  • Sexually harass another person with unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour;
  • Bully, isolate or humiliate another person;
  • Provide false or misleading information;
  • Use inside information, or the worker’s duties, status, power or authority, in order to gain, or seek to gain, a benefit or advantage;
  • Victimise, unjustly treat or threaten someone because they have raised a complaint or are a witness in an investigation; or
  • Behave improperly or unethically.