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Money Matters in Music


This anonymous national survey has emerged from a huge number of conversations, comments in passing, and wider research that has yielded very limited results regarding salaries and personal earnings in the music business.

We respectfully acknowledge the stark reality of:
 - the commercial in confidence nature of renumeration;
 - the personal nature of financial questions; and
 - the healthy competition in the wider industry.
However, we strongly believe that this survey and the resulting report is essential because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

We all have a right to clear financial expectations. This allows us to:
- understand potential career pathways;
- make informed life choices; 
- accurately value our vital contributions.

Pay confidentiality clauses are now banned in employment contracts, The Raising Their Voices report shone a spotlight on gender and diversity inequality in Australian music and the gender pay gap is still 13% in 2023.

As such, we sincerely urge you contribute your anonymous insights to enable all of us to better understand and ultimately shape the industry's renumeration landscape.

All survey responses are 100% anonymous and reporting will be on trends only.

Please note that this survey is not for musicians or composer, instead it is focused on the less documented supporting roles that surround and enable the music makers.


Don't forget to share this survey with your colleagues, employees and industry connections and encourage them to participate.

You can also spread the word on your social media profiles. You’ll find examples of posts you can use on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter at:

The Survey will close at midnight on 30 April 2024 and the Report will be published in June 2024.

Thank you all for ensuring the survey reaches as many people as possible. The greater the responses we receive the more we can identify and address the challenges of the music industry and ensure its renumeration levels enables everyone to thrive.


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