WED 8 JULY UPDATE: Please note that metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are currently under stage three restrictions for six weeks and therefore unable to have live music. The guidance note below currently only applies to live music venues outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.

Today we release the Music Victoria & VMDO COVID-19 Guidance Note for Live Music Venues, which has been prepared by live music experts with guidance from State and Federal Government. It has been produced to help commercial live music venues navigate their business and operations while running shows during COVID-19 restrictions.

It is intended to be used as a guide and template to prepare your own bespoke COVID-19 Response Management Plan. It is primarily intended for venue owners and staff, but it also has relevant information for musicians and contractors.

The Guidance Note features current legal requirements. It is important to keep up to date with government guidelines and restrictions as they are updated. This document will continue to be updated on the Music Victoria website, so we advise against printing it and sharing with staff as it could contain advice that is soon out of date.

Good luck returning to business, be cautious, and look through our other COVID-19 resources.

Download the Music Victoria & VMDO COVID-19 Guidance Note for Live Music Venues here.

For any pressing queries relating to government guidelines, the Business Victoria hotline is recommended: 13 22 15.