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New Board Members and Developments from our 2022-23 AGM

Following a successful AGM this week, we are pleased to announce the appointment of new Board members and extend our congratulations to the newly appointed office holders.

Notably, Chris O'Neill, previously serving as Deputy Chair under our two previous chairs, is stepping up to the role of Chair, succeeding Kerry Kennell. The organisation bids farewell to Kerry Kennell, who departs the Board after a remarkable tenure of three years, off to pursue an exceptional study and business opportunity. The Board also farewells Sally Mather who has also been a valuable Board member over the last 3 years.

Welcoming fresh perspectives to the Board, Asia Kwin Taylor joins us as a newly elected member, bringing a wealth of experience in marketing, booking and artist management. We are also pleased to welcome back Fiona Duncan, who has been re-elected and will now serve as Deputy Chair. Fiona's most recent role as Secretary at Music Victoria will be succeeded by Nkechi Anele.

Dean Hampson has been reappointed to continue his role as Treasurer, ensuring strong and strategic financial governance.

As we enter this new phase, up to two "appointed" positions remain vacant, to be filled in the upcoming year. The Board will carefully deliberate on the composition, reflecting on the current makeup, and identifying any skills and experiences that may be crucial for our continued success.

The members at the AGM also endorsed a special resolution to make changes to our Rules of Association, primarily providing clarity around the definition of members.


We are also thrilled to release our Annual Report, which demonstrates how 2022-2023 has showcased the powerful role Music Victoria plays in creating new opportunities for the music industry.


Our vision remains clear – to foster "a valued, progressive, and equitable state music scene." While commercial success is an ambition, it is not the sole driver. We recognise the broader social, economic, and cultural potential of music, and our work is dedicated to ensuring our members, stakeholders and partners, can realise these benefits for the greater good, both now and long into the future.

Music Victoria anticipates an exciting and prosperous year under the guidance of its newly appointed members, and looks forward to their valuable contributions.