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Q&A with Best Regional Act 2019 Winner - The Teskey Brothers

Pictured: The Teskey Brothers (Liam is second from the right)

Warrandyte's The Teskey Brothers swept the Music Victoria Awards prize pool in 2019, including winning Best Regional Act which came with a $3000 grant from Bendigo Bank.

In the middle of a hugh international tour, The Teskeys' drummer Liam Gough took time out to look back on some of their favourite achievements over the past year and to tell us what they did with the prize cheque...

Whats your name, role and which band do you represent?

My names is Liam Gough and I play the drums in The Teskey Brothers

In which location are you based?

We are Based in Warrandyte, Victoria

Looking back over the last year, which achievement/s or moment/s are you proudest of?

I’m most proud of playing 4 sold out nights at the Forum Theatre. It’s always been the best large live music venue in Australia in my opinion.

As a regional artist/venue, what do you find to be the biggest challenge for the local music scene?

Keeping pokies and TV screens out of pubs and venues. We didn’t used to have to compete with electronics for punters attention.

What are some ways the music community members in your area support each other and the local ecosystem?

We love to book gigs along side our friends bands and people work together to save money where we can by sharing backline and driving.

Whats the best thing about regional live gigs?

I love going watch and play regional gigs because it takes me to a different part of Victoria. There are so many great towns in regional Victoria with great nature spots, restaurants, op shops and pubs to explore.

Are there any local music initiatives or artists youd like to tell us about?

Green Music Australia have a great campaigns which we are a part of trying to stop single use water bottles at gigs. Check out

Whats the best-kept secret of your local area? Give us the inside tip.

Go for a wood fired pie at the historic Warrandyte bakery.

Your prize was accompanied by a generous $3000 grant from the Bendigo Bank. Lucky duck! What did/will you spend the money on? How will it further your career/business?

We will use the grant to record new music as soon as we have the chance! Thank you!