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Local Government Toolkit

Read the Live Music Toolkit here

In 2018 the Municipal Association of Victoria released their Live Music Toolkit as a resource to refer to when working with the live sector. 

Why a Live Music toolkit?

There is a growing understanding in Victoria as to how valuable the creative sector and specifically live music can be to Local Government; strengthening economies, creating more liveable communities and improving social outcomes. Councils are uniquely placed to support the live music industry, and extensive research has provided excellent examples of where collaborative planning, existing resources and levers, have delivered positive and sustainable social, economic and cultural outcomes for communities.

What is in the Toolkit?

The Toolkit provides key material to help local communities understand the value of live music, as well as practical information, case studies and tools that facilitate or deliver strategies in support of their local live music industry.

In the Live Music Toolkit you will find:

• Live Music defined
• Strategies about how councils can support and strengthen their live music scene
• Key research and evidence about the value of live music to the Australian and Victorian economy, community, and creative sector
• Local and State Government policies that support investment in live music
• Information to guide the development of a specific strategy or plan to support live music
• Sources of funding and resourcing
• Regulatory and planning factors councils may need to consider
• Models of accessible live music programs
• Concepts of how councils can leverage live music to attract visitors to their area
• Case studies, best practice examples of live music support
• Resources and guidelines