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1. A new State Planning Policy recognising the importance of live music, that will have effect in every planning scheme in every municipality:


To recognize the social, economic and cultural benefits of live music and encourage, create and protect opportunities for the enjoyment of live music.



2. Four key changes to the pre-existing planning provisions relating to live music (in Clause 53.06 of all planning schemes):


3. Will the provisions save live music businesses from being evicted by landlords, or prevent landlords from selling the building?


4. How will the provisions work in practice?


5. How will this benefit live music?


6. How will it benefit artists, fans and music industry professionals?

More venues means more performance opportunities for artists, and live gigs for production crews and fans. Councils are likely to establish precincts were many artists live – and these precincts could include other services such as recording and rehearsal spaces, record stores, co-working spaces and radio stations.


7. Does it stop proposals to close or demolish existing venues?

No. This is beyond the power of planning controls to achieve. But it makes everyone stop and consider the impact of that loss and will encourage options to retain or replace venues in redevelopments eg. The Espy.


8. Do Councils have to identify precincts?

No. But it gives them power to do so, and the Minister is likely to issue guidance on how to do it. Music Victoria will work with supportive Councils to introduce precincts.


9. What are examples of other Live Music and Arts Precincts?

Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Southport on the Gold Coast, Northbridge in Perth and Amsterdam all have live music precinct overlays, but this is believed to be the first statewide. The Melbourne Arts Precinct in Sturt Street is based on a similar model.


10. How do these changes relate to other regulations?

EPA is currently reviewing the regulations relating to noise from indoor and outdoor music venues. Music Victoria has strongly advocated for acknowledgement of active precincts that could have different noise objectives and measurement techniques. Now that the planning system provides for this, we can go back and lobby EPA to align the noise regulations.