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Sexual Harassment Prevention

Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela is an international campaign designed to promote safety in licensed venues that has been used in New South Wales, and more recently, South Australia.

Accredited Training for Sexual Violence Responses

Under the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children, the Commonwealth Government has allocated funding to develop and pilot two streams of accredited training to build the capability and capacity of workers to recognise and respond to people who experience sexual violence.

Australian Festivals Association

The Australian Festival Association (AFA) was formed to represent the shared interests and importance of the Australian festival industry. The AFA is committed to delivering safe and well-run festivals around Australia and providing a framework for industry operating standards. You can access AFA resources including online industry training as well as information about how to become an AFA member via their website.

Sexual Assault Services

Sexual Assault Services Victoria (SAS Victoria) is the newly incorporated and expanded peak body for sexual assault and harmful sexual behaviour services. Previously known as CASA Forum, SAS Victoria will continue to influence and reshape approaches to preventing and responding to sexual assault.