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VMDO Links: An Introduction to Music & NFTs


Interest in NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) is surging in 2021 and musicians across the globe are taking to this relatively new innovation.

The Times describe NFT's as '...virtual tokens that use blockchain technology to record proof of ownership of pretty much anything unique or scarce – such as collectible playing cards to digital artwork.'

But what does this mean for the music industry? Join our new VMDO Links event with Reggie Ba-Pe III from CLUB MEDIA, who'll be presenting an Introduction to Music & NFT's.

Reggie will be unpacking the key need-to-knows, including:

  • An introduction to NFT's, the new digital asset class
  • How they benefit creators & musicians
  • Music NFT case studies
  • Future and possibilities of NFTs

Following Reggie's introduction, we'll be joined by Clare Smith from Serenade, an eco-friendly NFT platform for digital collectibles. Clare will be covering a Serenade platform introduction, including how NFT technology can create accessible and exponential new revenue opportunities for artists of all sizes.

VMDO Links is a new networking event, connecting the Victorian music industry to key topics locally and globally. These events intend to strengthen conversations linked to growth drivers, business innovation, new technology and alternative revenue streams.

VMDO Links offers industry professionals a chance to connect with the presenters, as well as with their peers, aiming to develop and sustain key relationships. At present, these events will be delivered online through Zoom with the talk delivered at the beginning, followed by a networking opportunity at the end.