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White Paper: Building the Victorian Music Sector as a Global Music Powerhouse

Music Victoria launched its white paper – Priorities for the Victorian Music Industry.

The white paper seeks to build the global recognition of the Victorian music sector, which is a key driver of Victoria’s economic, cultural and social prosperity.

Music Victoria CEO, Simone Schinkel, said “The Victorian live music sector contributes over $1.7 billion per year in GDP, creates over 116,000 jobs and returns $3 for every $1 invested.”

“Our focus is to enable a vibrant, healthy and sustainable music industry accessible to all Australians,” said Schinkel.

Despite navigating the ripples of the pandemic, the Victorian music industry is still grappling with systemic business, cultural and capacity challenges.

The music sector is still under threat – job insecurity remains high, access to skilled labour is limited, bullying is endemic, diverse and inclusive representation is lacking and there are huge pressures on operating costs. Recent insights include:

1 in 4 gigs are unpaid – Musicians Australia
Only 15% felt safe at work – Support Act (May 2022)

There is a risk that the Victorian music industry will stifle its ability to adapt, innovate and thrive post-COVID-19.

Music Victoria is calling on government at all levels, peak bodies, musicians, music industry professionals to help realise the vision as outlined in Priorities for the Victorian Music Industry white paper.

“Our white paper outlines 12 key actions that will encourage investment and innovation, foster fulfilling careers, develop skills and capacity as well as expand research and advocacy possibilities,” explained Schinkel.

Some of the key actions identified in the Music Victoria Priorities for the Victorian Music Industry white paper include:

- Establish investment schemes by providing offsets and incentives to leverage new investment and stimulate demand for local music content and all ages environments.
- Embed, and budget for, minimum fees and diversity benchmarks across local, state and federal government music grants and engagement opportunities including the licensing of Victorian music.
- Resource future focused industry up-skilling including opportunities for capacity building, formal accreditation, and the delivery of high need training courses and professional development programs.

“Our proposed key actions are extremely achievable and will cement Victoria as a global music leader. The potential outcomes will continue to benefit all Victorians and music lovers across the globe,” said Schinkel.

Through increased investment, the white paper aims to enhance and support the Victorian music industry to reach its full potential – it will drive industry growth and create more viable, innovative and sustainable business practices.

The Music Victoria Priorities for the Victorian Music Industry white paper is available here.

Photograph by Josh Brnjac


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