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'Brothers' is the musical collaboration of Samuel and Seth Nolan, two Gunditjmara siblings raised in central Victoria with an ongoing connection to the Kulin Nation. Inspired by the many dreaming stories and Lores of Aboriginal cultures, they combine recordings of Elders stories and Country with electronic productions to create contemporary expressions of Aboriginal culture. They also play deadly DJ sets too, building off each others energy they focus on upbeat, percussive and tribal tech-house tunes with rolling bass-lines that provide plenty of groove!



Brothers feat. Uncle Larry Walsh - Dulaworrong *
Hobin Rude - It Was and It Will
Integral Bread - Ready to Born (Simos Tagias Remix)
Samantha Loveridge - Yidaki (Original Mix)
Martyn Hare - Hard Hitta (Steve Ward Manipulation) *
Kasey Taylor, Fiord - Threefold (Fiord Edit) *
Gorje Hewek, Dulus & Molac - Astro World
Ben Grunnell - Groove Control
Joe Vanditti & Neshga - The Criminal
Dennis Cruz - Mad
Rainer Weichhold - Voxolator (Stefano Noferini, Danniel Selfmade Remix)
Connor Mac - White Shadow *
Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell - Treaty (The Journey Remix) *
Quivver - Ten (Club Mix)
Jamie Stevens - Traces *
Retza & YokoO - Equuleus *