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Rakhi has become notorious for her sexy, energy-building sets across Naarm. An expression of her unique style and identity, her sound is rhythmic, melodic, and bass-heavy, merging the genres she loves to get your hips swinging. With expansive selections, she brings her feminine, fairy-like touch to hard drums, breaks and basslines. Rakhi’s own productions combine her love of rhythm and big bass with emotional soundscapes, vocals and instrumentation. While you may have seen Rakhi throw down heat at one of Naarm’s parties, you’re just as likely to have heard the softer side of her sound at a northside bar or beer garden. Having quickly become a staple in the local electronic music scene, it is of no surprise that she was shortlisted for ‘Best DJ’ in the Music Victoria Awards 2023. Rakhi kicked off a big year at Zeerust Festival followed by an interstate debut in Eora for Kerfew X World Pride, honorary support for Pretty Girl’s sold out Naarm headline show, and an international debut at Kiosk Radio in Brussels. A Rakhi set will likely cover music from every continent, blend unlikely genres, and have you ask “what do you call this?” more than once. Carrying a perceptive ear and compelling ability to command the energy in any room, Rakhi is unstoppable in carving out space for her unique style.



Pistaccio - A Message From Gaia*
Dauwd - The Yuzer (DJ Plead Remix)
DJ PGZ - Hypnotic Suburbs Pt. 1&2 ft. Teether*
Ayesha - V7
LOIF - Stealth*
French II - Grooverider
Sansibar - My Boom (Reptant’s Lizard Tech Mix)*
LUXE - Ripple & Effect (Sirl & Surge Mix)
DJ JM - Syze
RONI - 911
Ekzander - 4PM Alarm*
Soul Mass Transit System - Love A Dub
Osmosis Jones - Signal*
Villager - Steady
Recluse - Hi-tek Cycle*
Surusinghe - Bop*
Sir Hiss - Set Speed
Entrañas - Instinto
Sleep Exchange  - Flux Capacitor (Rakhi Remix)*
Luca Durán - Pa’ Bailar ft. Parco Palaz
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - Twinkle
Hojo - 16 O’s ft. Novelist
Aloka - Granulate
Sam Binga, Bakery, Emz - Block & Delete
Sleep Exchange  - Lizard Welcoming Committee
AD ZEE - Far I Sound*
Renzo - Angels Cry [Unreleased]*
OK EG - Endless River*