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MV006 Kasey Taylor

One of the most loved names on the Australian dance music scene, Kasey Taylor made his mark DJing in his hometown of Melbourne before John Digweed scouted him in the mid-nineties to play at his infamous Bedrock night in London. That was the catalyst for Taylor to take his sound and production to a global audience, leading to international exposure and a permanent move to Europe to satiate the demands of his worldwide bookings.

Currently, he is the creative power behind no less than three record labels. That includes the highly revered Vapour Recordings, the 24-year old mainstay which is over 150 releases deep and the offshoot imprint eVapour8, which topped the Beatport charts at number 1 for 8 weeks with its very first release. The most recent addition to his portfolio is Lo-Fi 45, which has seen Kasey take on a mentor role to use his years of experience to identify, sign and nurture local Australian talent.

More recently Kasey is going through a resurgence, not only is he experiencing a personal and creative renaissance, but he has just completed a rebranding across the board. Vapour Recordings has just gone through a massive revamp which will include a new online portal, merchandise and more. That will also coincide with a release roster of new music that is already creating excitement with some of the scene’s biggest players.

We’ve had covid, we’ve had bushfires, we’ve had the lot, but we can now reset, look to the future and that future is set for one of Australia’s most popular dance music artists to introduce himself to a brand new generation of dance music connoisseurs, and re- introduce him to his loyal followers.

Affiliations - Bedrock/Vapour/Sudbeat/Soundgarden


Out of Sorts feat. Beacon Bloom - So to Speak
Music in Mind - Love
Stephan K & John Creamer - I Wish You Were Here (Stan Kolev Remix)
Kasey Taylor feat. Amega - Impressions (Danny Bonnici Remix)*
Luka Sambe - Combina
Reset Robot - Dancer
Rogue D, Memoryman AKA Uovo - Electric Safari (Roman Flügel Remix)
Ewan Rill - This Kind (Jamie Stevens Remix)*
Kasey Taylor - Out with the Old*
Mike Isai - Chrysalis (GMJ & Matter Remix)*
Acid Pauli - No Kick, No Cry (DJ Tennis Remix)
QDream & Flashingrood - Bastet (Jamie Stevens Remix)*
Drown feat. Anna Caragnano - Sea on the Moon (The Drifter Remix)
Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan - Simplicity (Gai Barone Remix)*
Antix - The Rift
Kasey Taylor & Karl Pilbrow - In the Zone*
Eric Lune - Predisposition*
HMC - LSD (Steve Ward Remix)*


MV009 Handsdown
MV009 Handsdown Handsdown of the duo Handsdown & Leigh Boy has a musical journey spanning over a decade, throwing parties of all sorts and delivering an uncompromising plethora of progressive and emotive minimal & techno to dance floors right around the globe.
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MV012 Sweat Dreams
MV012 Sweat Dreams Sweat Dreams was born on a dance floor on Wadawurrung Country in 2016. Jules and Daz celebrate their shared love of music by creating genre-defying mixes drawing from House, Techno, Breaks,Deep/Dark Disco, Balearic, Arabic Electronica and EBM.
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MV011 Ranjit Nijjer
MV011 Ranjit Nijjer With nearly 18 years experience in all things Techno in Melbourne, Australia, Ranjit Nijjer has truly carved out his own unique piece of the city’s landscape as a promoter, DJ and more recently as a producer.
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MV002 Sophie Forrest
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MV004 Kodiak Kid
Known for his fearless array of genres from Hip-Hop to Mid-Tempo and Drum & Bass blending in an effortless harmony with styles like Experimental Down tempo and Soulful Roots, Kodiak Kid continues to push new boundaries with each set, crafting an elegantly immersive journey and experience that is shared by both the artist and audience.
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MV010 Retza
MV010 Retza Hailing from Melbourne, Retza is a Producer and DJ focusing on various forms of house and techno. Retza’s passion for music and love of creating has lead to multiple original releases and remixes through the years, most recently on Yokoo’s imprint Satya.
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MV008 Aroha
MV008 Aroha AROHA is notably acclaimed for her club-ready set lists that evoke the crowds before her. Navigating a sure-fire trim of the most unique, energetic and driving musical attire across house and techno with hues of breakbeat, electro, footwork, future garage, jungle and UK bass - truly aligning with her studio signature.
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MV014 Kazuma Onishi
MV014 Kazuma Onishi Kazuma Onishi is a Japanese DJ & Producer based in Melbourne, Australia.
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MV013 The Oddness
MV013 The Oddness The word ‘Odd’ has many connotations but fits perfectly when describing the sound of Melbourne producer and performer Warwick Ferguson through his genre bending project The Oddness.
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MV016 Rakhi
MV016 Rakhi Don’t ever put me in a box! This mix captures the liveness of a quintessential Rakhi club set: interesting rhythms and eclectic genre-blending over a wide BPM range, featuring local and international favourites.
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