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MV001 Steve Ward


STEVE WARD is a Melbourne based producer, DJ and label owner that has a long list of career highlights, including several collaborations with UK techno legend Carl Cox, USA acid house pioneer DJ Pierre and rock and roll hall of fame artist Nile Rodgers.

Steve’s sound has evolved into a blend of raw analogue electronica and tough house grooves, coupled with the energy of techno and the euphoria of Detroit.

His sound is definitely a unique take on the modern world of electronic music.

Steve’s unpredictable DJ and live sets have given him the opportunity to perform all around the world, fusing everything from disco, house, techno and electronica.

After a long hiatus, Steve has started to release music again with an intricate remix of funk legend Sola Rosa’s The Almighty Dollar. His remake of DJ HMC’s techno anthem LSD hit the #1 most sold vinyl this year globally.

With a huge amount of music soon to be released, Steve is excited for this new phase in his career.


Caleb Jay – Blank Paper
Rings Around Saturn -Messing About
4 Dads – Big Yawn
Sleep D – Tram
Josh Abrahams – Step Into Paradise
Mallgrab – Love Reigns
Horatio Luna – Bush Doof
BNC – Mooneeponds
Josh Abrahams – Star Song
Rudolf C – Goin’ Good
Vanna – Gimme Love
Asunder – Circular Symbol – Steve Ward Manipulation
Negative Trigger – Big Yawn
Jon Watts – Now It’s Done / Jon Watts – AMB 5 / Jon Watts – Piano 1
Caleb Jay – Broken Hub
FSOM – Welcome
Close Counters – Speak The Truth ft Allysha Joy
DJ HMC – LSD – Steve Ward Manipulation
Sola Rosa – The Almighty Dollar – Steve Ward Epic Manipulation


MV008 Aroha
MV008 Aroha AROHA is notably acclaimed for her club-ready set lists that evoke the crowds before her. Navigating a sure-fire trim of the most unique, energetic and driving musical attire across house and techno with hues of breakbeat, electro, footwork, future garage, jungle and UK bass - truly aligning with her studio signature.
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MV014 Kazuma Onishi
MV014 Kazuma Onishi Kazuma Onishi is a Japanese DJ & Producer based in Melbourne, Australia.
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MV015 Sunshine
MV015 Sunshine With 22 years as a DJ, Sunshine has truly devoted herself to the house, disco and techno journey.
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MV002 Sophie Forrest
The a Mix Series track by Sophie Forrest.
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MV004 Kodiak Kid
Known for his fearless array of genres from Hip-Hop to Mid-Tempo and Drum & Bass blending in an effortless harmony with styles like Experimental Down tempo and Soulful Roots, Kodiak Kid continues to push new boundaries with each set, crafting an elegantly immersive journey and experience that is shared by both the artist and audience.
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MV010 Retza
MV010 Retza Hailing from Melbourne, Retza is a Producer and DJ focusing on various forms of house and techno. Retza’s passion for music and love of creating has lead to multiple original releases and remixes through the years, most recently on Yokoo’s imprint Satya.
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MV016 Rakhi
MV016 Rakhi Don’t ever put me in a box! This mix captures the liveness of a quintessential Rakhi club set: interesting rhythms and eclectic genre-blending over a wide BPM range, featuring local and international favourites.
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JPA gives us what he does best; driving uplifting house. Listen to MV020 on the Music Victoria website, Soundcloud and all good podcast providers.
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MV005 SlamRoss1000
MV005 SlamRoss1000 If you’ve ever found yourself in the club at some hour of the am, checking train times, then copped a hard wall of dark, heavy techno, gabber, & bass that’s held you there till the house lights came on... then you already know.... If not - meet SLAMROSS1000, Melbourne's Underground Princess
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MV018 Cara Murphy
Get your house fix with Music Victoria Awards' current reigning Best DJ Cara Murphy. Listen to MV018 on the Music Victoria website, Soundcloud and all good podcast providers
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