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MV011 Ranjit Nijjer


With nearly 18 years experience in all things Techno in Melbourne, Australia, Ranjit Nijjer has truly carved out his own unique piece of the city’s landscape as a promoter, DJ and more recently as a producer.

His event Technoir has become an institution in Melbourne; an important Techno destination over its life of over 17 years, showcasing home made talent from across the full spectrum of Techno.

Ranjit’s DJ sets are full of energy and a delicate intensity, as he expertly layers and weaves high volumes of tracks to create a truly distinctive dance floor experience for Techno fans both young and old. Whether it is deep, hypnotic, ethereal rhythms or relentless, pounding harder sounds (often tinged with his special brand of funk), Ranjit gives the dancefloor and the listener his all.

This passion and care has seen Ranjit consistently booked around town for many years now, including several appearances at the acclaimed Rainbow Serpent Festival. 2020 saw Ranjit begin releasing his own music, with multiple EPs on Australian Techno imprint ‘Machine’ and very quickly he has found himself with tracks on labels around the world. 2022 has even seen the release of his debut LP ‘Echoes In Time’ on Spanish label ‘Diffuse Reality’.


Fernie - Sphere
Ranjit Nijjer - Mission Briefing*
Ranjit Nijjer - Entering The Mist*
Ranjit Nijjer - Observation 3*
NOFCE - Smokescreen*
Marsch - Blazing Light
NOFCE - Malfunction*
Ranjit Nijjer - Observation 4*
William Arist - Perr Eleven
Fergus Sweetland - Strangehoven*
Saurio - Fantasia
Saurio - Nudos
Rill - Vadacon
Sev Dah - 1984
LYRIC - Halving (Marcal Remix)
Lobster - Sacrifice to Achieve
Fergus Sweetland - Inflow*
Tensal - Levia
Willian Arist - The Time
Rene Wise - Don’t Care
William Arist - Like Everybody Wants Now
Mario Rodrigues - Afterlife
H.Mess - Hosso
Øti - A10
Repart - Xanadu (Deepbass Remix)
Virus D.D.D - The Power Of The Sky


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MV007 Casey Leaver Casey holds residencies at Revolver Upstairs, One Six One, Poof Doof and Tramp and she plays regular gigs across town from Glamorama to Circus. Her vivacious energy and ability to dial the party up to fever pitch have claimed her position at events like Beyond the Valley, Piknic Électronik, Babylon Festival, Glitterbox + Defected.
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MV008 Aroha
MV008 Aroha AROHA is notably acclaimed for her club-ready set lists that evoke the crowds before her. Navigating a sure-fire trim of the most unique, energetic and driving musical attire across house and techno with hues of breakbeat, electro, footwork, future garage, jungle and UK bass - truly aligning with her studio signature.
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MV017 Caity Watsøn
100% Techno. 100% VICTORIAN. Get around this hard/acid/dark techno mix by Caity Watsøn. Listen to MV017 on the Music Victoria website, Soundcloud and all good podcast providers.
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MV016 Rakhi Don’t ever put me in a box! This mix captures the liveness of a quintessential Rakhi club set: interesting rhythms and eclectic genre-blending over a wide BPM range, featuring local and international favourites.
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