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MV017 Caity Watsøn


A Caity Watsøn set maintains a meticulous progression that skillfully balances her signature blend of intense kicks and dark grooves with hypnotic/hyper lyrics and utter silliness to keep her crowd energised and surprised. From dark and hypnotic techno, to hard industrial techno, to hard dance, and even house and disco, Caity's sound shines through consistently no matter what genre she covers.

Grateful for Naarm’s thriving music scene, Caity has had the honour of playing at iconic Melbourne venues such as Revolver Upstairs, My Aeon, Rubix Warehouse, KISS FM, Area3000 & Melbourne Pavilion, as well as guest spots for Music Victoria, Anomalie Collective, Proponent Records and more. In 2023, Caity was signed as a resident artist for Track08 and was nominated for Best DJ at the Music Victoria Awards 2023.

Caity draws inspiration from labels such as KD Raw, HATE, Filth on Acid & OBSCUUR Records, and from producers such as Caravel, Brutalismus 3000, Mark Greene, Part Time Killer, Hanubis, Flug, Svarog & Nørbak. Her musical influences extend beyond the electronic realm, finding inspiration in metal, doom, grunge, alt rock, disco & funk genres.

A manifestation of her years of passion for connecting like-minded people & building a community, Caity is also the founder of Naarm techno collective '150 BPM', which focuses on monthly parties showcasing raw, hypnotic and hard techno genres. ‘150 BPM’ is a mindset – aiming to push artists to play what they thought they could never get away with.


mSOLO - A is for Atom*
Rory Marshall - Deep Business*
Modal. - Xchange*
Ish Anja - Ashes of my aura*
Kit Kat - A3K*
April Kerry & Jozef Conor - I'm Telling You*
Ish Anja - Wake Up To Remember*
Rob Lewis (Prosdo remix) - My Reality*
Maverick - Check This Out*
Comradenathan - Dawn*
Comeradenathan - Dusk*
Haber (Royboy remix) - Ravenous*
Ad Nauseam (Tenebrarum mix) - The House of 1000 Corpses*
Kill Your Idols - Raw*
Kill Your Idols - First Everything*
Zane Micallef - The Danger*
Zane Micallef - Obsidian*
Samari - Manufactured Hate*
SamHard (SIUL remix) - Marauders*
Illya Korniyenko (Ad Nauseam remix) - Gumball 3000*
Ad Nauseam - Better Living Through Chemistry*
Haber - Japanese Game Show Boss Battle Theme*
MV003 Acid Safari
The right track at the right time, anywhere or surely anytime, that is Acid Safari. This Spanish born, Australian DJ has been one of the not so well kept secrets in the world renowned Melbourne scene for many years.
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JPA gives us what he does best; driving uplifting house. Listen to MV020 on the Music Victoria website, Soundcloud and all good podcast providers.
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MV005 SlamRoss1000
MV005 SlamRoss1000 If you’ve ever found yourself in the club at some hour of the am, checking train times, then copped a hard wall of dark, heavy techno, gabber, & bass that’s held you there till the house lights came on... then you already know.... If not - meet SLAMROSS1000, Melbourne's Underground Princess
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MV006 Kasey Taylor
MV006 Kasey Taylor One of the most loved names on the Australian dance music scene, Kasey Taylor made his mark in his hometown of Melbourne before John Digweed scouted him in the mid-nineties to play at his infamous Bedrock night in London. That was the catalyst for Taylor to take his sound to a global audience, leading to international exposure and a permanent move to Europe to satiate the demands of his worldwide bookings.
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MV002 Sophie Forrest
The a Mix Series track by Sophie Forrest.
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MV012 Sweat Dreams
MV012 Sweat Dreams Sweat Dreams was born on a dance floor on Wadawurrung Country in 2016. Jules and Daz celebrate their shared love of music by creating genre-defying mixes drawing from House, Techno, Breaks,Deep/Dark Disco, Balearic, Arabic Electronica and EBM.
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MV004 Kodiak Kid
Known for his fearless array of genres from Hip-Hop to Mid-Tempo and Drum & Bass blending in an effortless harmony with styles like Experimental Down tempo and Soulful Roots, Kodiak Kid continues to push new boundaries with each set, crafting an elegantly immersive journey and experience that is shared by both the artist and audience.
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MV001 Steve Ward
A Mix Series track featuring STEVE WARD, a Melbourne based producer, DJ and label owner that has a long list of career highlights, including several collaborations with UK techno legend Carl Cox, USA acid house pioneer DJ Pierre and rock and roll hall of fame artist Nile Rodgers.
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MV013 The Oddness
MV013 The Oddness The word ‘Odd’ has many connotations but fits perfectly when describing the sound of Melbourne producer and performer Warwick Ferguson through his genre bending project The Oddness.
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MV015 Sunshine
MV015 Sunshine With 22 years as a DJ, Sunshine has truly devoted herself to the house, disco and techno journey.
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