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Music Victoria summary of the latest COVID19 restriction changes for Victorian music

Dear members and subscribers,

It was music to Victoria’s ears when Premier Dan Andrews this week announced ‘’Live Music is back’’.

So what exactly does this mean? It’s a gradual opening, and they are small steps, but if the numbers stay down, we are hopeful that more and more musicians will be able to return to rehearse, record, live stream, and perform - initially to small outdoor audiences, and then increasing to larger outdoor events and indoor shows.

Music Victoria has been consulting with various government departments on the easing of restrictions, and will continue to advocate for the sector in the lead up to the Premier’s next announcement regarding the lifting of restrictions on November 8. We have been also liaising with the Environmental Protection Agency and councils on working closely with the venues and musicians to establish good practice guidelines and messaging to encourage co-operation and minimalise adverse amenity.

Clearly live music is part of the State Government’s plan for the state’s recovery, but it’s important to remember that we have a responsibility to ensure we consider residents and the rest of the community – so consult your council and neighbours, don’t play too late, and put away the Marshall stack and downsize your equipment for the initial outdoor shows performing to small crowds.

Here’s a summary of the new rules:

- Live seated outdoor shows can take place in hospitality venues such as pubs, bars and restaurants in metro Melbourne (50) and regional Victoria (70). Band members must be included in the venue cap.

- Venues don’t have to serve food with the live music

- If you have an existing liquor license and are planning on hosting outdoor events, you need to apply through your council first, and then apply for a Temporary Limited Licence through the VCGLR

- Musicians need to stand 2 metres apart on stage

- Performers need to be 5 metres from the audience

- Band members (except singers and woodwind and brass instrumentalists) must wear a face mask while they perform

- Nightclubs can open for seated service of food or beverages only

- You can live-stream from a venue but only essential people can be on site – ie band members, filming crew and a venue representative with the keys to the building

- You can rehearse and record at studios, but must adhere to 1 per 4 square metre distancing requirements (so smaller bands in the smaller rooms) - ensure you have a COVIDSafe plan

- Set building can take place, but you need to comply with construction guidelines

- You can attend an outdoor music lesson, class or practice with up to ten people

Keep an eye out on Music Victoria and Creative Victoria websites for further updates as they come to hand.
Additional official guidance can be found here and here.