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MV003 Acid Safari


The right track at the right time, anywhere or surely anytime, that is Acid Safari. This Spanish born, Australian DJ has been one of the not so well kept secrets in the world renowned Melbourne scene for many years.

Acid Safari has literally played in most high caliber events in Australia, across a wide range of styles. His credentials include being a resident at Revolver Upstairs for over 10 years, where his sets are worshipped by both general punters and industry heads, Piknic Electronik Melbourne (AU), Rainbow Serpent Festival where he found his name, S.A.S.H. (Sydney), resident at the now defunct The After-hours at Survivor (Club of Legends), Trough X, Melbourne Music Week, Subsonic Music Festival, resident at the legendary Honkytonks, Babylon Festival, Earthcore Festival where he used to be the last man on the decks; you name it, if it was in Australia he has probably played at it.

The musical journey Acid Safari proposes has made him support a wide variety of acts, and by that we mean warming up or closing down shows after the likes of Richie Hawtin, Radio Slave, Francois K, Paul Kalkbrenner, both Roman Poncet and Traumer, Molly, amongst some incredible international artists.

You get the picture by now, that Acid Safari’s range is far and wide, he performs at some of the toughest techno parties in Melbourne, resides and has resided at some of the best clubs in the world for years, performs for ultra long sets at his creation Long Play, plays at outdoor festivals in front of thousands of people, or ambient sets to a few dozens, runs a weekly radio show at Kiss FM Australia called Radio Bueno, plays pop and retro sets at The Espy, one of the best rock venues in Australia, and on the same weekend techno at illegal raves in abandoned factories.

If that wasn’t enough, he is part of the team that bring to you that amazing merchandise: ‘Fucking Techno’; as one of the heads behind Stable Music. He has been the booker for the first three seasons of Piknic Electronik Melbourne, has produced Kubik Melbourne and has branded and developed events like Where?house, Capacity... he is a beloved figure between touring artist, with whom has developed plenty of friendships.

We don't want to bore you with more details, even though we could, you get the picture that playing the right track at the right moment is an art that takes time to gain, and he has definitely earned his mastery.


Music Valium - Osseo, WI*
Booshank - Stand on Zanzibar*
Katie Drover - Maniactic - Revolver Upstairs Records*
Rambl - Doss - Here To Hell*
Robert Dietz - Kirby
Acid Safari – Modal*
Disruptive Pattern Material - Necessary (Terrence Parker Remix)*
Lake Turner - No Way Back Forever
Shed - B1 (Anfang und Ende)
Acid Safari - Early Spring or the End of Summer (CKD Remix)*
Patricia Gurband - Hypnotized Time
Amandra - Volques (Evigt Morker Edit)
Fergus Sweetland – Muffy*
Albert Chiovenda - Floating The Void
Acid Safari - Eighth Of September*
Monolith - Look A Crane*
Rita Bass - Shaped Curve (IN2STELLAR Remix)*
Varg2TM - Rush/Tinder
Silicon Scally - Revelations
Dusky ft. Rainy Milo - Soundcheck (Extended Mix)
Reptant – Ectoplastic*
Vohkinne - Active Radio*
DJ HMC - 6 A.M.
Mall Grab - Feelin' Good*
Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Spencer Parker Works Harder Remix)
Slam - This World (Hugg And Pepp Remix)
Mike Callander - BACK THAT UP (DEMO)*
Honeysmack - M2M2M2*
Andee Frost – TERREFFO*
Eluize – Distance*
Tornado Wallace - Twirl & The Beanstalk*
Mike Callander – Voices*
Mickey Nox – Unclean*
Gazpacho (AKA Mike Callander & Acid Safari)*
Mink Engine - New Logic (Acid Safari Edit)*
Mitchel – Genosha*
Sleep D x Ad Lib Collective – Cavern*
Stefano Meneghetti, Chiara Kickdrum - I Am A Visual Man (CKD Ambient Remix)*
Julian Castles - Light Ripple*
Sly Faux - Polaroid Inertia*

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