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MV004 Kodiak Kid


Known for his fearless array of genres from Hip-Hop to Mid-Tempo and Drum & Bass blending in an effortless harmony with styles like Experimental Down tempo and Soulful Roots, Kodiak Kid continues to push new boundaries with each set, crafting an elegantly immersive journey and experience that is shared by both the artist and audience.

For the past 10 years, Kodiak Kid has been a passionate contributor to all aspects of Melbourne’s underground bass scene, including throwing events under the infamous “WHOMP” brand, which has been at the forefront of touring some of the biggest names in bass music in Melbourne and Australia.

It’s with a core resonating understanding between self and sound that lays the foundations for his unique signature style that has placed Kodiak Kid as one of the country’s finest DJs, earning him invites to perform at some of the premium festivals and events across Australia including Splendour In The Grass, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Wide Open Space, Let Them Eat Cake amongst overseas ventures performing in New Zealand, Oregon Eclipse Gathering and Burning Man.

With the release of his Debut EP ‘Drifting Status’ on Plasma Audio’s sister label ‘Chilla Holla’ that featured Mad Zach and Mantra performing to a Sold Out show at Howler Bar, this marks Kodiak Kid’s shift from performance to production and stage to studio. It signifies not only the next chapter in his musical evolution from DJ to producer, but also adding a new live element to his performances.


Monkey Marc – We’ve Really fucked up this time (VIC)
Phil Gektor – Phils Lament (VIC)
Of The Trees – Joji Flip
Floret Loret – Submerged
Gaddy – Destiny Unfoldin
Oakk – Gimme That
Of The Trees – Kickback
Navigatorz – Character
Safire & QQQ – Direxion (VIC)
Daily Bread – Gone on a Purple Cloud
Austero – Mexican Music Man (VIC)
Plutonic Lab – Long Slow feat. Olivier St Louis (VIC)
Detre – Droflip
Jordan Dennis – Doc Marty feat. ThatKidMaz, Denzel M & Duan (VIC)
Ivy Lab – Press play
Kodiak Kid – ID (VIC)
Kodiak Kid – Poisonous (VIC)
Jay-Z – Dirt Off your shoulder (Artifakts Edit)
Herzeloyde – oosh (VIC)
Kyral & Banko – Lost Space
Able8 – Slinky (VIC)
Safire & QQQ – Smoke Signal (VIC)
Angus Green – Find Out (VIC)
Sadiva – ATW (VIC)
Abstract Orchestra, Dabrye & MF Doom – AIr
Amin Payne – Born to do Whateva feat. Tentendo (VIC)
Sampa The Great – Energy (The Oddness Rework) (VIC)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Blackbird
Spoonbill – Zebra Maze (VIC)
Monkey Marc – Give thanks feat. Iba mahr (VIC)


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