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Champion Victorian music.

Contemporary Music Victoria Inc. (Music Victoria) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation and the state peak body for contemporary music. We represent musicians, venues, music businesses and professionals, and music lovers across the contemporary Victorian music community. Music Victoria provides advocacy on behalf of the music sector, actively supports the development of the Victorian music community, and celebrates and promotes Victorian music.


For musicians

  • Access to broader networks and connection to music industry opportunities locally and internationally. 
  • Support to transform their capability to take advantage of such opportunities.
  • Access to expert advice and support for improved health and economic outcomes. 
  • Advocacy for recognition that music is one of the state’s most valuable assets. 
  • Access to discounts for important services such as travel and equipment. 

For audiences

  • A diverse and accessible contemporary music scene that provides compelling entertainment all year round.
  • Opportunity to live in a city and state with a national and international reputation for being the music capital of Australia. 

For service and infrastructure providers

  • Connections and advice for attracting quality content.
  • Advocacy regarding government policy and legislation that impacts the service and infrastructure aspects of the music industry. 

For government

  • Independent representative and expert advice on the music industry to guide development of relevant and high-impact policy and legislation.
  • Expert advice on developing a thriving creative economy. 
  • Awareness of sector opportunities and issues and support for effective and timely response.
  • A trusted and reliable project partner.

 For non-practitioner members

  • Opportunity to support the growth of a vibrant Victorian music industry and creative economy. 

 For partners and sponsors

  • Opportunity to provide targeted products and services to musicians, music business and audiences that increase reputation and sales.

 For media

  • Access to diverse and compelling stories that have high appeal for audiences. 

Access the Music Victoria Strategic Plan 2016-19 (2018 Update) here.

Access the Music Victoria Rules of Association 2018 here.



Access the Gender Diversity Action Plan 2018-19 here.


Access the Regional and Outer Suburban Action Plan 2018-19 here.


Access the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Action Plan 2018-19 here.


Access the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Action Plan 2018-19 here.


Access the Whole of Life Industry Participation Action Plan 2018-19 here.


Access the Disability / Accessibility and Inclusion Plan Action Plan 2018-19 here.


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