FAQ About Music Victoria

Why does Music Victoria exist?

Music Victoria exists to support the growth, participation and development of the Victorian contemporary music industry.

It aims to be broadly inclusive of the contemporary music industry across all music genres, industry sectors and professions and to be accessible for metropolitan and regional Victoria. In all its activities, it aims to add value to music makers.

Victoria has an incredible musical resonance – it attracts, supports and creates a cultural community that is recognised nationally and internationally as unique and valuable both economically and culturally. We need to protect and develop this.

The recent issues affecting Victoria’s live music venues have shown just how important it is for music in this state to have an organisation representing its interests to ensure that talented individuals and businesses in our music community continue to flourish and that the voice of this community is included in the decision making processes of Government and the community at large.

What is contemporary music?

Contemporary music is defined as music that is currently being written, recorded and performed.

There are no clear boundaries however it generally includes music of all genres written in the 20th and 21st centuries and doesn’t include opera or classical music composed prior to the 20th century.

How did Music Victoria start?

In February 2010 the Victorian Government pledged an initial $250,000 to assist in the set-up and initial running costs of Music Victoria. In May 2011, the Coalition Government funded Music Victoria $500,000 over two years, with the expectation it will work towards self-sustainability.

Music Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on a mix of Government funding, membership fees, private and corporate sponsorship and donations to exist. 

You can become a member here or make a donation here.

What is Music Victoria going to do?

Music Victoria exists to support and represent the Victorian music industry and community. You can read a copy of our strategic plan here.

  • Promotion and celebration of Victorian artists, music businesses and the industry as a whole.
  • Professional development for Victorian artists and music businesses as well as the development of the industry as a whole, including implementing a program to arm artists with the requisite skills to run their music careers as successful and sustainable small businesses.
  • Leading the development of a regional Victoria touring circuit to assist musicians with touring regional area and addressing barriers that regional musicians face trying to break into the capital city markets around Australia.
  • Provide programs in partnership with the Sounds Australia music export initiative to develop pathways to put more Victorian musicians on the world stage.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the Victorian music industry to all levels of Government and the wider community.
Is Music Victoria a charity / not-for-profit?

Yes, Music Victoria is a not-for-profit and a charity becuse it is deemed that our purpose for existance, is for the public benefit.

We do not operate for the profit, personal gain or benefit of any particular people, instead existing to support the growth, participation and development of the Victorian contemporary music industry. You can read more about this in our Association Rules here.

We are listed with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission), have Deducitable Gift recipient status and are exempt from paying Income Tax.

This also means that any surplus that we post at the end of any financial year, any any reserves we accumilate, can only ever be used to further our purpose (even if we close down any remaining money must go to a not-for-profit/charitable organisation doing similar work).

Can I donate to Music Victoria?

Yes! We are a registered charity – if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation you can do so here. Thank you. We value your contribution immensely.

How is Music Victoria funded?

Music Victoria is a non-profit organisation which relies on limited resources and income from various sources.

Music Victoria receives operational funding from the State Government of Victoria (Creative Victoria), the Australian Government (Australia Council for the Arts), APRA AMCOS, membership fees and other smaller sources. Music Victoria has achieved much over the last 12 months (see our achievements page) and continues to open doors for, skill and represent the music community.

Does Music Victoria distribute grants and funding?

Music Victoria does not distribute grants, but there are numerous funding opportunities available to contemporary musicians in Victoria.

Our advice is to prepare well in advance and consult the relevant organisations for advice. Well thought-out grants can take up to 40 hours work. You don’t have to complete it in one go – you can usually work on them online and save them for a later date.

The judging panels are not looking for a press release; they want a well thought-out project plan and a practical budget that balances. It’s a good idea to bounce your ideas off someone else for an objective opinion.

Most funding panels are comprised of musicians, so bear in mind your peers will be judging it. Don’t be intimidated and don’t lose faith if you get rejected. You can ask for constructive feedback from the organisation and submit an improved application somewhere else.

If you are paying a grant writer, make sure you give them all of the necessary relevant information, and ask them for testimonials from successful applicants they have previously worked for.

What can I do?

To register your interest in volunteering, sponsorship, to contribute your ideas or highlight relevant issues please contact Music Victoria at info@musicvictoria.com.au

Who can join Music Victoria?

Anyone can become a member of Music Victoria. Music lovers, performers, bands, venues, small businesses… The list goes on!

As a member, you not only make a financial contribution to and support the work of Music Victoria but can fully participate in the activities of the Association, including voting rights at Annual General Meetings and members-only invites and offers.

To become a member of Music Victoria, go here. To see the full list of membership benefits, go here.

What is special about Victorian music?

Small venues are the heart of the live music industry.

  • 12.5 million patrons attend 62,000 live music gigs each year worth over $250 million in ticket sales alone (APRA 2014)
  • Music in the City of Melbourne alone is worth $25million per year with 3500 employees (2011 City of Melbourne)
  • For every $1 spent on live music $3 is returned in value (The Economic and Cultural Value of Live Music in Australia 2014)
  • Richmond’s Corner Hotel regularly features in Pollstar’s top thirty live music clubs in the world, based on ticket sales.

Melbourne is one of the great live music capitals of the world.

  • The economic contribution in  2011 was $501million and created 17200 jobs just in small venues (Deloitte)
  • The Greater Melbourne area boasts 465 live music venues, which is one venue per 8,915 residents, more than New York, Paris, London, Berlin and Tokyo
  • There are 197 regional venues in Victoria which are a source of regional competitive advantage

We LOVE community radio.

Victoria is the home Triple R (3RRR 102.7FM), PBS 106.7FM, SYN and 3CR  –  probably the highest community broadcasting membership per capita in the world (definitely highest in AU).


Victoria has a lot of music festivals.

There are an estimated 350 festivals that feature live music (including the Laneway Festival, which takes place in Singapore), making it one of the biggest music festivals states in the world. This is including Port Fairy which has been around for 40 years and Queenscliff which has been around for 20.


Our dance music scene is thriving.

Victoria has an incredibly diverse music scene that is not all guitar-based; local DJ Will Sparks promoted Melbourne’s own global dance craze, known as ‘’The Melbourne Bounce’’.


Victorian’s are passionate.

SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music) rally – Victorians love live music so much that in 2010, 20,000 people marched in Australia’s largest cultural rally protesting about laws that linked live music to violence.


Victoria has a supportive Government.

Victoria has some of the world’s most supportive music-related laws and strategies. The Victorian Government was the first in the world to legislate the Agent of Change laws state-wide, which protect existing venues from complaints from encroaching neighbours.

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