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Mix Series

The Music Victoria Mix Series was created in 2021 to showcase Victoria’s vibrant and diverse electronic music scene. Each month Music Victoria drops an original mix from a Victorian electronic music DJ or Producer and shares it far and wide. The goal of the Mix Series is to expose listeners to new music and artists to new audiences – plus share the good times!

Electronic music plays a vital role in Victoria’s diverse and exciting music scene. The Music Victoria Mix Series is an opportunity to recognise, celebrate and support the electronic music community.

Victorian artists (original or remixes/edits) must make up 25% of the mix.

How are featured artists selected?

Our team consults with members of Victoria’s community and reviews online submissions. If you have a suggestion for a DJ or Producer we should feature, email danielle[at]

How to listen?

Sign up to our Support List or follow us on social media and we’ll let you know when a new mix drops.

Otherwise listen links below.

MV011 Ranjit Nijjer
MV011 Ranjit Nijjer
MV010 Retza
MV009 Handsdown
MV008 Aroha
MV007 Casey Leaver
MV006 Kasey Taylor
MV005 SlamRoss1000
MV005 SlamRoss1000
MV004 Kodiak Kid
a square infographic artwork with a black textured background and a photograph of Acid Safari . The text reads “MV003 Music Victoria Mix Series”
MV003 Acid Safari
MV002 Sophie Forrest
MV002 Sophie Forrest


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