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Dear Prime Minister: Creative industries unite to secure Australia's cultural future

27 Mar 2020

Over 50 of Australia’s leading arts, creative, cultural and entertainment industry bodies have united to send a clear message to the Prime Minister: act now to ensure that Australia’s cultural life survives COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Venues Update

25 Mar 2020

Music Victoria is extremely concerned about the impact Covid-19 and the restriction and subsequent banning of non-essential public gatherings is having on live music venues.

We will regularly consult with - and update - venues on key concerns and developments, and raise issues with relevant businesses and authorities.

Below is a current update as of 24 March:

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Premier's announcement: Guidance on non-essential closures

23 Mar 2020

In line with advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government will implement a shutdown or restriction of non-essential activity (including entertainment venues) across our state to help combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Victorian Government announce Economic Survival Package To Support Businesses And Jobs

21 Mar 2020

Today, the Victorian Government announced an Economic Survival Package To Support Businesses And Jobs.

Music Victoria is happy that the State Government has addressed some of the urgent needs of the live music venue sector with relief on payroll tax and liquor licensing fees and financial support for businesses and workers.

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We're 'sending out an SOS'

#SoundOfSilenceau is a national campaign initiative from the music world asking music fans to donate to @Support Act – an Australian music charity that provides crisis relief services to artist crew and workers. 
Together, we can help support those who are suffering a severe loss of income that has come with widespread cancellations of festivals, concerts, shows, and local gigs.
Go to to find out how you can support and donate today.

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Our famed music venues could disappear if we don't act

19 Mar 2020 Our famed music venues could disappear if we don't act

Victoria’s world-famous live music sector has been plunged into darkness.

Live music income – the major source of earnings for most Victorian acts these days – has pretty much dried up overnight at our 553 live music venues.

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Music Victoria COVID-19 Update

19 Mar 2020

Amidst this COVID-19 crisis, the staff of Music Victoria want to provide you with an update on our activities and to let you know that we're here for you and we're working behind the scenes and in the media to support our members and all affected in the music community by these devastating developments.

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18 Mar 2020

Australia’s arts and entertainment industry is on the brink of collapse and needs all the
help it can get.

The Morrison Government has to come up with a plan. If they don’t do something soon,
tens of thousands of people will lose their livelihoods. It’s not just artists and performers –
it’s everyone who works behind the scenes to put on live entertainment, from technicians
and roadies to security guards and stall workers.

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Donate to the Support Act COVID-19 Appeal

17 Mar 2020

People in the live music and entertainment industries are being severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of jobs have been lost in recent days as a result of the cancellation of concerts, festivals, tours and shows. While clearly necessary to protect the health of the nation, these cancellations are having a devastating effect on the huge array of music industry workers including artists, crew, management, promoters, vendors, publicists and everyone else who rely on live events for their income. The vast majority of these workers do not have the luxury of sick leave or annual leave - most live from gig to gig, tour to tour, or show to show.

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Opinion Piece: Latest from Music Victoria CEO on Coronavirus

13 Mar 2020



The world is facing its largest pandemic since World War II, and the entertainment industry is bearing the brunt of it.

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Gig Guide: Staff Picks - 13 March, 2020

13 Mar 2020 Gig Guide: Staff Picks - 13 March, 2020

Our staff-curated gig guide is here to let you know of what shows not to miss in the coming week. This installment features gigs from Gordon Koang, Brendan Maclean, Sui Zhen, Chaika plus many more.

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Jon Perring's Keynote Speech at Yarra Venues Day

6 Mar 2020 Jon Perring's Keynote Speech at Yarra Venues Day

Ten years after he took over the Tote, publican and advocate Jon Perring reflected on Victorian music in a keynote speech at the City of Yarra-Music Victoria Venues Day.

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